Name: Muhammad Zubair Fayyaz
Reg ID: 100600
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering In Mechatronics Engineering - BEMTS
Batch: 2010-2014

Current Employer: Tianjin China Petroleum Drilling Company Limited
Designation: Drilling Engineer
Client: OGDCL & UEPL
Location: Pakistan

I still remember the time I spent at AU. It was a bit tough when it comes to studies but the friends and teachers had made this time a good experience to me. I will miss every single second I spend here, from late night study plans to early classes I have experience one of the best time ever spent. After graduating from AU I found that the market to be competitive but with the skills and confidence which AU developed in me I easily entered in Oil and Gas Sector. Which is indeed one of the highest paid profession around the Globe. To the new students here, I would say live every moment because it will be gone sooner than you think. You should spend every little time you have here to learn new things, meet new people and try new experience. Here you have a good opportunity to grow as a person beyond studies. I can relate my experience at AU as "Self-Actualizing". If I have a choice, I would like to experience this all over again.