Placement and Alumni Affairs office of Air University is responsible for seeking internship and employment opportunities for its students and alumni. It also serves as a bridge between the Alumni and the University. Each year, various organizations are invited to participate in Career Fair, where students and graduates of the University get a chance to interact with representatives of major private/public sector organizations from the industries of Engineering, Information Technology, Banking, Telecommunication, etc.

Placement and Alumni Office also arranges On-Campus employment interviews and tests for various organizations.

Job related skills are always given highest priority at the Air University. Placement and Alumni Office organizes various activities in this regards to make students ready and well prepared for the job market. Some of the activities that have been regularly organized by Placement and Alumni Office are CV Writing Workshops, Interview Skills Seminars, and Lectures from top level executive managers of major organizations etc.

This office also provides help and support to its alumni in organizing various networking and entertainment activities. If you have any question regarding, please feel free to contact the placement office at email [email protected] or via phone number 051-9262557 Ext 382 during our regular office hours of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday thru Friday