Introduction to Summer School

Corpus Research Centre (CRC), Faculty of Social Sciences envisions promoting teaching and research of corpus linguistics in Pakistan by engaging local and foreign experts of the field. In this regard, CRC has launched first research journal of corpus linguistics in Pakistan named Corporum: Journal of Corpus Linguistics. In addition, CRC has organized hands-on trainings, seminars and project exhibition at national and international level.

CRC is organizing four day intensive hands-on training program, Corpus Research Centre Summer School on Corpus Linguistics from April 24-27, 2019. This summer school will be a regular annual activity of Air University which would bring foreign and local experts in academic connection with CRC. This summer school is open for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate students and scholars, researchers and faculty members from multidisciplinary backgrounds who intend to get insight into corpus methodologies and pursue their learning, teaching and research through corpus related approaches.

Objectives of the Summer School

  • To promote teaching, learning and research of corpus linguistics in Pakistan

  • To enable participants to conduct research in the field of Corpus Linguistics

  • To develop understanding of the participants on corpus linguistics

  • To enable the participants develop link of corpus linguistics with their relevant areas of study

  • To inculcate basic knowledge about application of corpus methods and practice in their respective fields.


  1. Prof Dr Martin Weisser, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China

  2. Prof Dr Hajar Abdul Rahim, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
  3. Dr. Benet Vincent, Conventry University, UK

  4. Dr. Tehseen Zahra, Air University Islamabad

  5. Dr. Akhtar Abbas, Air University Islamabad

Expected Areas to be covered

  • Doing Corpus Pragmatics

  • Corpus Linguistics and Discourse Analysis

  • Conducting Research on Pakistan National Corpus of English (PNCE)

  • Analyzing Meaning: Semantic Prosody and Preference

  • Using Online Corpora and Error Analysis

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Corpus Approaches to Pakistani Languages

  • Corpus Approaches to ELT