About Pakistan National Corpus of English (PNCE)

About Pakistan National Corpus of English (PNCE) is the first english corpus of pakistan developed at corpus research centre, air university. design of pnce is based on major genres practiced in pakistani context. these genres are from Academic (research articles, theses, student essays, book reviews), Media (newspaper & magazines), Legal (judgements, affidavits, business deeds, divorce deeds, research articles), Workplace (circulars, notifications, reports, minutes of meeting) and Literary (short stories, novels, autobiographies, literary essays) settings of pakistan. representativeness of each genre type is considered carefully.PNCE consists of around 10,000,000 (10 million) words comprising of more than 5000 files.

Impact of PNCE

The current project will have profound impact in following domains

  • Research and Development in Pakistan

  • PNCE would serve as a reference guide for experts and novice researchers to be published in international research journals by learning norms of research writing through exploring this corpus. thus, pnce would create space for pakistani researchers in the global arena of research.

  • Teaching and Learning and Innovation

  • As the PNCE corpus includes almost maximum range of academic and research genres/text types, therefore, it would contribute in the teaching pedagogy of English in Pakistan. The teachers and students of any field can utilize the corpus for teaching and learning purposes. Thus, its impact on teaching and learning environment of Pakistan would be of significant magnitude.

  • Knowledge industry

  • PNCE would definitely create new opportunities for Pakistani researchers to create and establish links with funding agencies located in Pakistan and abroad. These prospective collaborations would contribute sufficiently in the knowledge industry of Pakistan ultmately.

Size of Corpus

Table 1. Size of Pakistan National Corpus of English (PNCE)

  • Sr.No
    Number of File
    Number of Words
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
    Work Place
  • Total

Table 2. Genres Included in Pakistan National Corpus of English (PNCE)

  • Academic Genres
    Legal Genres
    Media Genres
    Literary Genres
    Work Place Genres
  • Book Reviews Essays
    Deeds Judegments
    International News Stories National News Stories
    Autobiographies Novels
  • PhD Theses
    Legal Articles
    Letters to the Editors
    Short Stories
  • Research Articles
    Editorials Opinion Articles Family Magazines


Prof Dr Wasima Shehzad

Principal Investigator

Dr. Akhtar Abbas

Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Tehseen Zahra



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