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Latest Courses

Course NameCourse DateRegistration Last DateSTATUS
Digital Marketing 03 July 2018 - 04 July 201804-July-2018Closed
Strategic Time Management 18 July 2018 -20 July 201808-July-2018Closed
Interpersonal Skills 08 August 2018 -09 August 201808-July-2018Closed
Communication, Interpersonal, Public speaking skills 11 July 2018 - 12 July 201811-July-2018Closed
Great Customer Service 23 July 2018 - 24 July 201812-July-2018Closed
Understanding yourself using MBTI 30 July 2018 - 31 July 201812-July-2018Closed
Big Data Processing with Hadoop and Spark 1,3,5 August 201812-July-2018Closed
Creative Writing 08-09 August 201812-July-2018Closed
Practical Corporate Management Skills 16 July 2018 - 17 July 201816-July-2018Closed
MS Project 19 July 2018 - 20 July 201819-July-2018Closed
Photography Skills (Special Course) 23,24,27 July 201823-July-2018Closed
English Language Course-Level III (Learn to Speak, Read & Write) 16 July -16 August 201830-July-2018Closed
Patient Safety 30 July 2018 -31 July 201830-July-2018Closed
Presenting yourself & Developing Resume 30 July 2018 - 31 July 201830-July-2018Closed
Stress Management 01 August 2018 -02 August 201801-August-2018Closed
Game Design 01 August 2018 -03 August 201801-August-2018Closed
Media Skills (Special Course) 01 August 2018 -02 August 201801-August-2018Closed
Social Media Analytics 01 August 2018 - 03 August 201801-August-2018Closed
Theater Workshop (Special Course) 01 August 2018 -16 August 201801-August-2018Closed
Responsive Web 06 August 2018 -08 August 201806-August-2018Closed
Data Science for Decision Making 06 August 2018 - 07 August 201806-August-2018Closed
Presentation, Communication, Interpersonal, Public Speaking Skills 08 August 2018 -09 August 201808-August-2018Closed
Public Speaking, The Confidence Factor 15-16 August 201815-August-2018Closed
Young Entrepreneur Boot Camp 15 August 2018 -17 August 201815-August-2018Closed
Augmented and Virtual Reality App Development 15-17 August 201816-August-2018Closed
Semantic Web Design 15 August 2018 -17 August 201816-August-2018Closed
Advanced MS Office 08 August 2018 -10 August 201817-August-2018Closed
Team Building Skills 10-12 September, 201804-September-2018Closed
Functional English Language (Basic Level) 10 September 2018 - 02 November 201812-September-2018Closed
Stress Management and Developing Resilience 17-20 September 201812-September-2018Closed
Creative Writing 09-11 October08-October-2018Closed
Team Work Getting People to Work Together 23-26 October22-October-2018Closed
Effective Communication Skills (Mid-Level) 14-16 November, 201811-November-2018Closed
Mental Robustness and Stress Management (Advance Level) 12-15 November, 201812-November-2018Closed
Formal and Informal Communication (Advance Level) 19-22 November, 201815-November-2018Closed
Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills 26-29 November22-November-2018Closed
Presentation Skills for Managers 28-30 November, 201824-November-2018Closed
Communication, Interpersonal, Public speaking skills (Advance Level) 03-05 December, 201829-November-2018Closed
Enhancing Supervisory Skills (Mid-Level) 03-05 December, 201829-November-2018Closed
Chinese Language (Basic Level) 17 December, 201812-December-2018Closed
Six Sigma Green Belt (Advance Level) 17-20 December, 201814-December-2018Closed
Management Course for Junior Executive (Mid-Level) 17-20 December, 201814-December-2018Closed
Creative Competitive & Productive Mindset (Advance level) 09-11 January, 201908-January-2019Closed
Lead Implementation and Auditing Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 (Advance level) 30 Jan to 01 Feb, 201927-January-2019Closed
Enhancing Supervisory Skills (Mid Level) 28-30 January, 201927-January-2019Closed
Introduction to Global Navigation Satellite System (Advance Level) 28 January-01 February, 201928-January-2019Closed
Resource Management in Practice (Advance Level) 06-08 Feb, 201906-February-2019Closed
Motivating Self and others (Mid Level) 11-13 Feb, 201911-February-2019Closed
Formal and Informal Communication & Report Writing Skills (Advance Level) 18-21 Feb, 201918-February-2019Closed
Advance MS Excel (Mid Level) 05-07 Mar, 201905-March-2019Closed
Administrative Skills & Creating Organizational Excellence (Advance Level) 05-07 Mar, 201905-March-2019Closed
Project Management & Event Management Skills (Advance Level) 18-20 Mar, 201918-March-2019Closed
Training Techniques for Trainers (Mid Level) 18-20 Mar, 201918-March-2019Closed
Presentation Skills for Managers (Advance Level) 10-12 Apr, 201910-April-2019Closed
Human Resources Development & Strategic Human Resource Management (Advance Level) 23-25 Apr, 201923-April-2019Closed
Web Designing & Development 17 June to 21 June17-June-2019Closed
Mental Robustness and Stress Management 18 June to 19 June18-June-2019Closed
Career Counselling (Life after Graduation) 20 June20-June-2019Closed
Cloud Computing 24 June to 28 June24-June-2019Closed
Ethical Hacking 24 June to 27 June24-June-2019Closed
International Accident Investigation and Prevention 25 June 201924-June-2019Closed
Discovering Leadership through Self Analysis 27 June to 28 June27-June-2019Closed
International Certification Course for Career Facilitation (BASIC) 01 July to 02 July01-July-2019Closed
Artificial Intelligence 01 July to 02 July01-July-2019Closed
English Language 01 July to 08 August01-July-2019Closed
Digital Marketing 03 July to 05 July03-July-2019Closed
International Certification Course for Career Facilitation (ADVANCE) 03 July to 05 July03-July-2019Closed
Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) 03 July to 04 July03-July-2019Closed
Engineering and Management Sciences Entrepreneurship 08 July to 10 July08-July-2019Closed
Team Building 08 July to 09 July08-July-2019Closed
Introduction to mentor mentee program 11 July11-July-2019Closed
MS Project 15 July to 17 July15-July-2019Closed
Practical Aspects of Network Security 15 July to 17 July15-July-2019Closed
Block Chain 15 July to 19 July15-July-2019Closed
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop 22 July to 26 July22-July-2019Closed
Data Science 22 July to 26 July22-July-2019Closed
Internet of Things (IOT) 29 July to 02 Aug29-July-2019Closed
Career Coaching 29 July to 30 July29-July-2019Closed
Emotional Risk Management 31 July to 01 Aug31-July-2019Closed
Advanced Satellite Communication (Advance Level) 05-09 Aug, 1904-August-2019Closed
Communication and Public Speaking Skills (Batch-II) 05 Aug to 07 August05-August-2019Closed
Communication and Public Speaking Skills (Batch-I) 05 Aug to 07 Aug05-August-2019Closed
Advance Data Analysis with Excel 05 Aug to 07 Aug05-August-2019Closed
Corel Draw 05 Aug to 07 Aug05-August-2019Closed
Introduction to RS / GIS with Military Applications (Advance Level) 26-30 Aug, 1925-August-2019Closed
Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills (Advance Level) 26-29 Aug, 1926-August-2019Closed
Problem solving and decision making skills (Mid Level) 27-29 Aug, 201926-August-2019Closed
Introduction to Global Navigation Satellite System (Advance Level) 16th-20th Sep, 201915-September-2019Closed
Strategic Human Resource Management 17th-19th Sep, 201916-September-2019Closed
Team Work; Getting People to Work together (Mid-Level) 23th-25th Sep, 201923-September-2019Closed
Communication, Interpersonal, Public Speaking skills (Advance Level) 25th-27th Sep, 201925-September-2019Closed
Team Work: Getting People to Work Together (Advance Level) 1st-3rd Oct, 201930-September-2019Closed
Mental Robustness (Advance Level) 4th-6th Nov, 201903-October-2019Closed
EASA/PCAA 145 Lead Auditor Course 7th Oct to 11th Oct, 201907-October-2019Closed
Space Situational Awareness (Advance Level) 14th-16thOct, 201913-October-2019Closed
Fundraising Techniques and Strategies 14th-16th Oct, 201914-October-2019Closed
Motivating Self and Others (Advance Level) 21st-23rd Oct, 201920-October-2019Closed
Mental Robustness (Advance Level) 04-06 November, 201904-November-2019Closed
Enhancing Supervisory Skills (Mid-Level) 12th-14th Nov, 201911-November-2019Closed
Handling Difficult People (Mid-Level) 18th-20th Nov, 201917-November-2019Closed
Critical Thinking (Advance Level) 25th-27th Nov, 201924-November-2019Closed
Management course for Junior Executives (Advance Level) 2nd-4th Dec, 201901-December-2019Closed
Time and Stress Management (Mid-Level) 9th-11th Dec, 201908-December-2019Closed
Human Resource Development (Mid-Level) 16th-18th Dec, 201915-December-2019Closed
Effective Communication & Presentation Skills (Mid-Level) 16-18 December,201916-December-2019Closed
Communication, Interpersonal and Public Speaking Skills (Advance Level) 07-10 Jan, 202007-January-2020Closed
Stress Management : Developing Resilience (Advance Level) 13-15 Jan, 202013-January-2020Closed
Leadership Course for Supervisors (Mid Level) 20-22 Jan, 202020-January-2020Closed
Team Work: Getting People to Work Together (Advance Level) 21-24 Jan, 202020-January-2020Closed
Airline & MRO Establishment & Management Course (EASA Part M) (Advance Level) 27-30 Jan, 202027-January-2020Closed
Mental Robustness (Advance Level) 29-31 Jan, 202027-January-2020Closed
Administrative Skills (Advance Level) 03-07 Feb, 202003-February-2020Closed
Assertive Skills (Mid Level) 17-19 Feb, 202017-February-2020Closed
Developing Future Leaders (Advance Level) 17-19 Feb, 202017-February-2020Closed
EASA-Part 145/GCAA-CAR 145/PCAA ANO 145 Lead Auditor (Advance Level) 17-21 Feb, 202017-February-2020Closed
Introduction to RS / GIS with Military Applications (Advance Level) 09-11 Mar, 202009-March-2020Closed
Internal Auditing Course (Advance Level) 16-20 Mar, 202016-March-2020Closed
Military Applications of RS / GIS (Advance Level) 01-03 Apr, 202001-April-2020Closed
Space Situational Awareness (Advance Level) 13-15 Apr, 202013-April-2020Closed
Performance Based Auditing Technique (Advance Level)(Advance Level) 13-17 Apr, 202013-April-2020Closed
Practical Implementation of SMS and SSP (Advance Level) 01-05 Jun, 202001-May-2020Closed
Changing Mindset (Executive Training)- Online Session 12 Aug, 202005-August-2020Closed
Effective Virtual Communication- Online Session 10-11 Aug, 202005-August-2020Closed
Online Teaching, Tools, Techniques, Assessment and Challenges- Online Session 12-13 Aug, 202005-August-2020Closed
Managing Teams Remotely- Online Session 10-11 Aug, 202005-August-2020Closed
Leader in You - Developing Leadership Skills- Online Session 13 Aug, 202005-August-2020Closed
Handling Stress & Anxiety- Online Session 17 Aug, 202011-August-2020Closed
Project Management Using MS Project - Online Session 19-20 Aug, 2020 11-August-2020Closed
Applied Artificial Intelligence- Online Session 17-18 Aug, 202011-August-2020Closed
A Parenting Workshop- Online Session 21 Aug, 202011-August-2020Closed
Digital Marketing- Online Session 19-20 Aug, 202011-August-2020Closed
Emotional Resilience in VUCA Times- Online Session 24 Aug, 202019-August-2020Closed
Time Management- Online Session 25-26 Aug, 202019-August-2020Closed
The Confidence Factor- Online Session 24-26 Aug, 202019-August-2020Closed
Anger Management- Online Session 03 Sep, 202026-August-2020Closed
Stress Management & Emotional Intelligence- Online Session 03-04,Sep 202026-August-2020Closed
Self-Awareness- Online Session 07 Sep, 202026-August-2020Closed
Sources of Unhappiness and How to become Happy- Online Session 10 Sep, 202026-August-2020Closed
Conflict Management- Online Session 07-08 Sep, 202026-August-2020Closed
Mental Robustness 05-07 Oct, 202004-October-2020Closed
Strategic Human Resource Development and Management 19-21 Oct, 202018-October-2020Closed
Developing Future Leaders 02-04 Nov, 202001-November-2020Closed
Advanced Satellite Communications 16-20 Nov, 202015-November-2020Closed
Team Work Getting People to Work Together 01-03 Dec, 202030-November-2020Closed
Space Technologies and Applications 14-16 Dec, 202013-December-2020Closed
Global Navigation Satellite Systems 04-08 Jan, 202103-January-2021Closed
Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills 18-21 Jan, 202117-January-2021Closed
Stress Management : Developing Resilience 22-26 Feb, 202121-February-2021Closed
Space Technologies and Applications 15-17 Mar, 202110-March-2021Closed
Critical Thinking 24-26 Mar, 202123-March-2021Closed
Team Work Getting People to Work Together 05-07 Apr, 202101-April-2021Closed
Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills 19-22 Apr, 202115-April-2021Closed
Aircraft Performance for Aviation Managers & Crash Investigators 03-07 May, 202130-April-2021Closed
Global Navigation Satellite Systems 24-28 May, 202120-May-2021Closed
Human Resource Development 14-16 Jun, 202110-June-2021Closed
Synthetic Aperture Radar Application in Space 28-30 Jun, 202125-June-2021Closed

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