Air University TechHighEd Pakistan 2022


The demands of 21st century Higher Education are fraught with challenges of digitization of education and its pedagogical relevance. This conference, therefore, aims to bring together experts across various disciplines to deliberate on how Higher Education practices are represented and transformed in the digital world of today. It would also intend to present research -driven solutions to the challenges and issues of utilizing technology for pedagogy.

Through the academic sessions and networking, the national and international researchers, scholars, pedagogues, and educational managers would explore opportunities for academic, professional and research collaborations to improve and benefit Higher Education in Pakistan and beyond. In addition, the conference would benefit the pre-service teachers and young scholars. Moreover, it would encourage a cross-disciplinary exchange of thoughts, ideas and innovation through a variety of teaching methods and perspectives of smart incorporation of technology. The participants would benefit from the research, teaching and professional experiences of national and international researchers and scholars from across a myriad of disciplines.