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Name: Waleed Iftikhar
Reg ID: 090523
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering In Mechatronics Engineering - BEMTS
Batch: 2009-2013

Current Employer: Mechanical Engineering & Contracting Co. (A member of Ali Alghanim& Sons Group of Companies)
Designation: Project Engineer
Location: Ahmadi, Kuwait.

Tough schedules and highly competitive standards of education might have bothered me during my university time but all this success I have achieved in such a short span is because of that great learning I had in Air University. Well-equipped labs and following latest techniques that familiarized us with industry helped me cope with challenges on the field in an effective manner. I owe my success to Air University for whatever was taught to me there and I thank the administration and faculty for all their support.

For the upcoming graduates, here are some key points that I have learnedin this short but very productive period.

  • Don’t keep counting work hours.
  • The difference between an engineer and a good engineer is that a good engineer spends his time to keep himself up-to-date and find new innovative solutions.
  • Don’t be afraid to meet new people and get involved in them. To be successful, “you have to be seen”.
  • Any problems that you encounter and can’t find solution on the spot, be confident that you will find a solution. If you cannot figure it out by yourself, find someone for assistance.
  • Your Client’s satisfaction is very important. Always work to satisfy your Client. Your concern for a job well done and the respect of the timetable will earn you a good reputation.
  • Remember that “A goal without plan is just a wish”.