Intelligent Media Center (IMC)

1. Maria paper as Best Paper Award at International Conference on Applied and Engineering Mathematics (ICAEM'18)             2. Adnan Ahmed Rafique won HEC Indigenous Scholarship for Ph.D under Faculty Development Program
1. Positions for MS & Ph.D. students are open in Intelligent Media Center. Please contact or visit my office.            2. National And International Research Calibrators are warmly welcome to work with us as a join team
Vision & Mission

The Mission of our Intelligent Media Center (IMC) is to develop and maintain a number of various intelligent systems which can assist the social issues and cooperate in industrial projects. This Center mainly focuses on several basic fields of Intelligent Media researches as;

Artificial Intelligence
Pattern Recognition
Image, Signal and Video Processing
Multimedia Technologies
Computer Vision
Virtual Reality
Sensor-based Embedded System & Software
Indoor and Outdoor Smart Environments
Healthcare Mobile Systems
Computational Intelligence
Graphics modelling and Mapping
Machine learning

Based on these fields, we aspire to develop intelligent algorithms that perform significantly well during interactive and perception tasks for 1) Human motion analysis, body parts tracking, action recognition, behavior Understanding, pose estimation, life-log activity monitoring, gait recognition, Pedestrian detection, hand and figure detection; 2) Facial expression recognition, lips reading, eye-movements analysis, Facial masks, multi-face recognition, Gender/age classification; 3) Human-object recognition, Human-human interaction, object detection, surveillance systems, video codec, Scene semantics; 4) Wearable + Vision sensors, inertial sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetic sensors, digital cameras, Z-cams, bumblebee cams, stereo-cams; 5) Healthcare systems, Patient monitoring systems, Cyber-Physical systems, Stroke/Heart-attack/blood pressure detection systems based on IoT.

Head Incharge - IMC (Intelligent Media Center)

Academic Career

2013-2017 Research Associate (POST-DOCTORAL) of Computer Science & Engineering, POSTECH

2009-2013 Ph. D., Engineering Sciences, Kyung Hee University

2004-2006 M.S., Dept. of Computer Science, KNU National University

2000-2003 B.S., Iqra University, Karachi

Dr. Ahmad Jalal

Dr Ahmad Jalal

Professional Career

Dr. Hafiz Ahmad Jalal (Hafiz, a Muslim who have completely memorized the Qur'an) is the Head of AU Intelligent Media Center. He is an Associate Professor at Department of Computer Science, Air University, Islamabad. He has more than 12 years remarkable experience in teaching, research & development and industry funded projects. He worked with several foreigner companies such as Samsung-Techwin, Mobile security research Center and National Research Foundation of Korea. He has completed several R&D projects, published 75+ research articles in reputed journals/conferences, and edited multiple books. Currently, he is an Associate Editor/reviewers of more than 120 reputed journals such as IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Elsevier Neurocomputing, Technical Member of IEEE Access, Board Member of Computer-Aided Design, Applied Sciences, Journal of Universal Computer Science and IEEE Transactions on Multimedia. He is currently Higher Education Commission (Pakistan) approved PhD supervisor.

Research Publications


[J31] Ahmad Jalal, et al., “Automatic Recognition of Human Interaction via Hybrid Descriptors and Maximum Entropy Markov Model Using Depth Sensors, Entropy, 2020. (Impact factor = 2.494)
[J30] Ahmad Jalal, et al., “Wearable inertial sensors for daily activity analysis based on Adam optimization and the Maximum entropy Markov model, Entropy, 2020. (Impact factor = 2.494)
[J29] Ahmad Jalal, et al., “A novel statistical method for scene classification based on multi-object categorization and logistic regression, Sensors, 2020. (Impact factor = 3.275)


[C40] Ahmad Jalal, et al., “Region-based and Texton Segmentations for Multi-Objects Detection and Labeling Classification in Outdoor Scenes, IEEE conference on Frontiers of Information Technology, 2019.
[C39] Ahmad Jalal, et al., “Multi-Person Tracking in Smart Surveillance System for Crowd Counting and Normal/Abnormal Events Detection, IEEE ICAEM conference, 2019.
[C38] Ahmad Jalal, et al., “Scene Understanding and Recognition: Statistical Segmented Model using Geometrical Features and Gaussian Naïve Bayes, IEEE ICAEM conference, 2019.


[P1] Ahmad Jalal, et al., “Korea Copyright Commission (co-inventor) - Depth based Invariant human activity recognition using R transformation features, Korea multimedia society, 134571-0003856, 2011.

Research Projects

Currently Enrolled Students

PhD Students
1. Nouman Khan (6th Semester)
2. Adnan Ahmad Rafique (5th Semester)
3. Mouazma Hassan (4th Semester)
4. Madiha Javeed (3rd Semester)
MS Students
1. Sheikh Badar-ud-din Tahir (4th Semester)
2. Israr Akhter (4th Semester)
3. Amna Rizwan (2nd Semester)
4. Nida Khalid (2nd Semester)
1. Arsalan (6th Semester)
2. Hamza (6th Semester)
3. Adeel (6th Semester)