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Tender Notice 2018.Mar.12 
Tender Notice 2018.Mar.8 
Corrigendum (Provision of Lab Equipment) 2018.Feb.11 
Tender Notice 2018.Feb.11 
Tender Notice Provision of Lab Equipment 2018.Feb.9 
Tender Notice (Construction of Faculty Residences Block at Air University Multan Campus) 2018.Jan.21Jang and Dawn
Admission Spring 2018 2017.Nov.5 
FMC Admission Fall 2017 2017.Sep.11 
MS Aerospace & Strategic Studies (MSASS) 2017.Aug.6 
AUSOM Admission Fall 2017 2017.Jul.16 
Admissions Fall-2017 2017.Jul.3 
Admissions Fall 2017 Graduate Research Program 2017.Jul.3 
AUSOM 2016.Dec.11 
Tender Notice 2016.Dec.9 
Tender Notice 2016.Nov.27 
Tender Notice (Components Electrical Labs AU) 2016.Sep.29 
Staff Required (AU , FMC) 2016.Sep.23 
Staff Required 2016.Aug.14 
Tender Notice 2016.Aug.5 
Tender Notice For Provision of Components For Electrical Engineering Labs 2016.Jul.31 
Tender Notice For Civil Work Of Addition / Alteration 2016.Jul.17 
Admission Fall 2016 2016.Jun.26 
Admission Schedule Fall-2016 2016.Jun.26 
Admission Fall 2016 2016.Jun.19 
Admission Fall 2016 2016.Jun.5 
Tender Notice 2016.May.24 
Tender Notice 2016.May.24 
Tender Notice - Supply of Chemicals / Items for Teaching Labs - FMC 2016.May.24 
AU Open House 2016 2016.May.8 
Admission Fall 2016 2016.May.8 
Staff Required - Security Guard 2016.May.1 
5th Convocation 2016.Feb.28 
Tender Notice - RFID Library Equipment 2016.Feb.24 
Faculty Required 2016.Feb.21 
Staff Required 2016.Feb.14 
Staff / Faculty Required 2016.Jan.27 
Staff Required (Urdu) 2016.Jan.27 
Tender Notice - "Provision of Equipment & _Apparatus for UG and PG Physics Labs" 2016.Jan.20 
Tender Notice - "Provision of Lab Equipment for Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering" 2016.Jan.10 
Tender Notice - "Provision of Lab Equipment for Fazaia Medical College" 2015.Dec.13 
Tender Notice FMC 2015.Nov.27 
Air University South Campus 2015.Nov.27 
Vehicle Tender (FMC) 2015.Nov.27 
Staff Required 2015.Oct.24 
Bidding Documents for Construction (FMC Hostel Building) 2015.Oct.20 
Tender Notice (construction of FMC Hostel Building) 2015.Oct.20 
Air University Fazaia Medical College 2015.Sep.22 
Vehicle Tender 2015.Sep.15 
Faculty/Staff Required 2015.Aug.2 
Tender Notice 2015.Jul.12 
AUSOM 2015.Jul.7 
Staff Required 2015.Jul.5 
Tender Notice 2015.Jul.2 
Career Fair & Open House 2015 2015.Jun.7 
Fazaia Medical College (Faculty Required) 2015.Jun.7 
Admission Fall-2015 & Faculty Required 2015.Jun.7 
Fazaia Medical College (Tender Notice) 2015.Jun.7 
Fazaia Medical College (Faculty Required) 2015.May.17 
Admissions Fall-2015 2015.May.17 
Air University, Islamabad (South Campus + Fazaia Medical College) 2015.May.3 
Corrigendum 2015.Apr.29 
Air University Fazaia Medical College 2015.Apr.26 
Neelam-e-Aam 2015.Apr.26 
Faculty Required for Multan Campus 2015.Apr.19 
Tender Notice 2015.Apr.17 
Tender Notice 2015.Mar.29 
Staff Required 2015.Mar.22 
Staff Required 2015.Mar.8 
Faculty Required 2015.Mar.1 
Staff Required 2015.Feb.15 
Staff Required 2015.Feb.15 
Staff Required 2015.Feb.8 
Staff Required 2015.Jan.4 
Staff Required 2015.Jan.4 
Tender Notice 2014.Dec.21 
Faculty Required 2014.Dec.21 
Staff Required 2014.Dec.15 
Staff Required 2014.Dec.14 
Staff Required 2014.Nov.7 
Staff Required 2014.Oct.26 
Faculty Required 2014.Sep.1 
Staff Required 2014.Sep.1 
Faculty Required 2014.Jul.27 
Staff Required 2014.Jul.27 
Staff Required 2014.Jun.29 
Staff Required - Multan Campus 2014.Jun.29 
ICESP 2014 2014.Jun.15 
Tender Notice` 2014.Jun.10 
Admission Fall 2014 2014.Jun.1 
Staff Required - Multan Campus 2014.May.25 
Admission Fall 2014 2014.May.25 
Admission Fall 2014 2014.May.18 
ICESP 2014 2014.May.11 
Tender Notice 2014.May.11 
Re-Tender Notice 2014.May.4 
Staff Required 2014.Apr.13 
International Conference on Energy System and Policies 2014.Apr.6 
Tender Notice 2014.Apr.2 
Position Vacant 2014.Mar.23 
Tender Notice 2014.Mar.9 
Tender Notice 2014.Feb.23 
Staff Required 2014.Feb.23 
Tender Notice 2014.Jan.26 
Staff Required 2014.Jan.5 
Faculty Required for Multan Campus 2014.Jan.5 
Faculty Required 2013.Dec.29 
Faculty Required 2013.Dec.22 
Faculty Required 2013.Dec.15 
Staff Required 2013.Nov.24 
Staff Required 2013.Nov.24 
Admissions Spring 2014 2013.Nov.10 
Admissions Spring 2014 2013.Nov.3 
Faculty Requirement 2013.Oct.27 
Career Opportunities 2013.Oct.13 
Staff Required 2013.Oct.4 
Staff Required 2013.Sep.8 
Faculty Requirement 2013.Jun.23 
Staff Required 2013.Jun.2 
Faculty Requirement 2013.May.26 
Admission Fall 2013 2013.May.8News, Jang, Dawn, Nawa e Waqt, Express, daily mashriq
Vacancy Available for Position of Registrar 2013.May.5 
Neelam-e-Aam 2013.Mar.24Jang, Nawa-e-Waqt, Express
Staff Required 2013.Mar.17Jang, The News, Dawn
Staff Required 2013.Mar.3Jang,News,Dawn
Staff Required 2013.Feb.24Jang, Dawn, The News
Admissions Spring 2013 (Multan Campus) 2013.Feb.17Jang,Express,Nawa-e-Waqt,Dawn, Khabrain
Tender Notice 2013.Feb.3Jang, The News, Dawn
Staff Required 2013.Feb.3Jang, The News, Dawn
Tender Notice 2013.Feb.3Jang, The News, Dawn
Situation Vacant 2013.Jan.27Jang,The News, Dawn
English Language Course 2013.Jan.20 
Faculty and Staff required (AU Multan Campus) 2013.Jan.13Jang, The News, Dawn
Faculty and Staff required 2013.Jan.11Jang, The News
Nelaam_e_Aam 2012.Nov.18 
Admission Spring 2013 2012.Nov.11Jang, News, Dawn, Express, Naw-e-Waqt
Staff Required 2012.Oct.27Jang, The News
Faculty Requirement 2012.Sep.30 
English Language Course 2012.Sep.9NEWS, JANG, DAWN
Tender Notice for Digital Logic Design Lab 2012.Sep.9JANG, NEWS, DAWN
Situation Vacant 2012.Aug.12 
Faculty Required 2012.Jun.24 
Admission in to MS and PhD Programmes 2012.Jun.3 
A Hand-on Workshop on Computer Aided Engineering 2012.Jun.3 
Admission Fall - 2012 2012.Jun.3 
Situation Vacant 2012.Jun.3 
Zarurat bara-e- Security Guard 2012.May.27 
Situation Vacant 2012.May.22 
Admissions Fall - 2012 2012.May.13 
Admissions Fall - 2012 2012.May.6News, Jang, Dawn, Nawa e Waqt, Express, Daily Mashriq
Tender Notice 2012.Apr.26Jang, The News
Faculty Required 2012.Apr.1Dawn, News, Jang
Staff Required 2012.Mar.11 
Staff Required 2012.Feb.12 
Tender Notice 2012.Feb.8The News, Jang
Staff Required 2012.Feb.5Dawn, Jang, News
Career Opportunities 2012.Jan.29 
English Language Courses 2012.Jan.15 
Faculty and Staff Required 2012.Jan.1 
Faculty Required 2011.Dec.25 
Tender Notice 2011.Dec.18Dawn, Jang, The News
Faculty Required 2011.Dec.18 
Tender 2011.Dec.11 
Admissions Spring - 2012(today is last day) 2011.Dec.2 
Career Opportunities 2011.Nov.27 
Admissions Spring -2012 Multan Campus 2011.Nov.13 
Admissions Spring - 2012 2011.Oct.30 
Tender Notice 2011.Oct.23 
Faculty Requirement 2011.Oct.16 
Tender Notice 2011.Oct.9 
Tender Notice 2011.Oct.9 
Situation Vacant 2011.Oct.2 
Tender Notice 2011.Sep.18 
Staff Required 2011.Sep.18 
Admssion Fall_2011 Multan Campus (BBA/BSCS) 2011.Sep.13JANG, EXPRESS,NAWA-E-WAQT,DAWN,KHABRAIN, PAKISTAN
Faculty and Staff Required (for Multan Campus) 2011.Sep.11 
Tender Notice 2011.Sep.11Jang, News
English Language Course 2011.Aug.21 
Admission Fall_2011 (Air University Multan Campus) 2011.Aug.14 
Faculty Required 2011.Aug.14 
Faculty and Staff Required 2011.Aug.6 
MS and PhD Admission Fall-2011 2011.Jul.3 
Professional Short Courses 2011.Jun.5 
Admission Fall-2011 2011.Jun.5 
Tender Notice 2011.May.29 
Admissions Fall 2011 2011.May.29 
Faculty Requirement 2011.May.15 
Staff Required 2011.May.8 
Admissions Fall 2011 2011.May.1 
English Language Courses 2011.Apr.17 
Staff Required 2011.Mar.13Jang, Epress, Dawn, News
Staff Required 2011.Mar.13Jang, Epress, Nawa-e-Waqt, News
Staff Required 2011.Feb.13Express, The News, Dawn
Multan Campus Admission Schedule 2011.Feb.1 
Tender Notice - Multan Campus 2011.Jan.13 
University-Multan Campus (Opening Soon) - English Advertisement 2011.Jan.8 
University-Multan Campus (Opening Soon) - Urdu Advertisement 2011.Jan.8 
Multan Campus Positions Required 2011.Jan.7 
Faculty Required 2010.Dec.30 
Tender Notice 2010.Dec.28 
Positions Required 2010.Dec.28 
Programmer / Developer Required 2010.Nov.29 
Seminar in English Studies at Air University 2010.Nov.23 
Admission Spring -2011 Advertisement 2010.Nov.8 
Advertisement Release Order 2010.Oct.8 
Staff Required 2010.Oct.8 
Admissions in MS and PhD Programs 2010.Jul.15 
Custom IC Design Course at AU 2010.Jul.14 
Facutly Requirement (Department of Electrical) 2010.Jun.14 
Admission Ad Fall 2010 2010.Jun.6 
Staff Required 2010.Apr.21 
English Language Course Evening Programmes Summer Semester 2010 2010.Apr.15 
Pre-Qualification Notice Construction of Academic Block 2010.Mar.30 
Proformae of Academic Block 2010.Mar.29 
IAA Faculty Required 2010.Mar.22 
Tender Notice 2010.Jan.25 
Facutly Requried 2010.Jan.25 
Tender Notice 2009.Dec.21 
Tender Notice Diesel Generator Set Prime Power 200KV, standby Power 220KV 2009.Dec.2 
English Languages Courses(Admissions are open for Summer Semester 2009) 2009.Nov.20 
Admission Spring 2010 2009.Nov.20 
New Degree launches of Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering 2009.Nov.20 
Admissions are now open for FALL 2009 2009.Nov.20 
Institute of Avionics & Aeronautics (IAA), Admission in Postgraduate Programs 2009.Nov.20 
English Language Course Ads (Urdu) 2009.Nov.20 
Faculty Position Available 2009.Nov.20 
Career Opportunities in Field of Security and Cryptology at Air University, Islamabad 2009.Nov.20 
Tender Notice 2009.Nov.20 
English Language Course Ads (English) 2009.Nov.20 
Positions Available 2009.Nov.20 
English Language Courses (Evening Programme) 2009.Oct.4 
Cafeteria Contractor Required 2009.Oct.4 
Situation Vacant 2009.Aug.2 
Faculty Required 2009.Aug.2 
Faculty Requirement Department of Business Administration 2009.Jul.16 

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